I don’t know about you but I get a little embarrassed when I step in a store and the mannequin is wearing the exact same top I have on.

It’s so much worse when I encounter someone wearing the same piece. If the guy is hot, insecurity can kick in; if the guy is not hot, I feel as if my hotness levels go down, too. HAHAHA.

Anyway, Sadako doesn’t care when that happens to her. She is a five-year-old, after all.

In fact she likes it when she sees what she’s wearing on someone or something else.

When we go to H&M, she looks for the rack where what she’s wearing is in – and asks me for a photo opp.

There was also this one time when she was so amazed seeing this other girl wearing the same H&M dress with cat print that she just had to approach her and say hi.

Kids and their amazing skills in not giving a fuck. 


Most kids don’t care about clothes and fashion – kids only care about toys, right? – but there are those (girls in particular) who do display an interest in clothes and fashion and shopping and dressing up at a young age.

Sadako is kind of like that. She was a big fan of Beyonce and Lady Gaga and Erykah Badu when she was younger so she loved dressing up like them whenever she’d copy their performances.

But that was it.

Lately, however, she’s started to show a lot of interest in clothes – you know , like dresses.

It all started when she visited H&M for the first time and I bought her some dresses. How could I not when they’re so affordable yet so pretty? They have a lot of gorgeous pieces but my favorite is a line of sleeveless printed dresses worth P350 each. I bought Sadako a couple and showed her the girls modelling the same dresses in the H&M website. That led her to asking for an impromptu photo shoot so she could compare her photos and poses with those of the girls.’

She loved the two dresses so much that she wanted to wear them all the time. Before long, we needed to buy her some more new dresses.

In a recent trip to the mall, she instantly directed us to go the H&M since it’s near the entrance. She also knew how to get to the Kids department, in fairness. It was fun to see her check out stuff and look at herself in the mirror. I also enjoyed how decisive she was when it came to choosing dresses she wanted.

For the ultimate shopping experience, I gave her the huge shopping bag, but that proved to be tricky. It was huge and Sadako got the impression that she could get anything she wanted and that she needed to fill the big bag up with stuff!

It was so cute seeing Sadako lining up to pay for her dresses, handing out the bills at the counter, and getting her shopping bag after.

My little girl is growing up so fast!


Sadako got her wish granted last week when I bought her the Rapunzel MagiClip doll that came with two squeeze dresses that she could use with her other Disney Princess dolls.

She has this impression now that every time we go to the mall, I must buy her another MagiClip toy to add to her collection.

So when we went to Robinsons Magnolia yesterday, she dragged me to Toys ‘R Us. The moment we got there, she headed straight to where the MagiClip dolls were and grabbed Snow White. And because she completed a 50-piece puzzle last night, I had to get her another doll, as promised.

She was torn between Anna of Frozen and Ariel, and she eventually chose the Little Mermaid.

As usual, she just wanted me to pay for them and for us to go sit somewhere so she could already play with them.

And as usual, I was for her the annoying parent who just has to take hundreds of photos before she could get to open her toy.

This is Sadako not exactly delighted about how I required her to have her photos taken first before she could open them.

This is Sadako faking a smile.

This is Sadako getting tired of all the fake smiles she has to make.

This is Sadako starting to get annoyed and impatient.

This is Sadako bored and not cooperating.

After some shots, I finally let her open her toys and check them out.

But I just had to take some more snapshots.

This is Sadako trying on the MagiClip dresses as earrings.

I bet she can’t wait for next week. My wallet, too.


Just like a lot of girls, Sadako loves the Disney Princesses, so naturally, she has Disney Princess dolls and toys.

We were watching Play-Doh toy reviews on YouTube a couple of weeks ago when we stumbled upon one where the YouTuber made clay dresses for the Disney Princess toy figures. But first she had to remove these MagiClip dresses the princesses were wearing. That led to us checking out other MagiClip dress videos.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for my five-year old to request for a MagiClip Disney Princess toy figure for pasalubong ASAP.

I was feeling rich and extra generous recently so I got to buy her one – just one, because one toy figure (with two Magic Clip dresses) costs about P600. Asked to choose from all the princesses, Sadako instantly knew which one to get: Rapunzel, her favorite.

She was so excited she didn’t want to pose for stupid photos; she just wanted me to already pay at the counter.

After doing so, she wanted us to go sit down so she could open her new toy and play with it already.

We ended up in Ramen Nagi, my favorite place for ramen, where she was so well-behaved. Actually, she was just busy and focused playing with her toy while waiting for her breaded chicken and rice.

What I like about the series is how the dresses are one-size-fits-all so the princesses could switch dresses. Ariel could dress up like Snow White, Snow White could wear Belle’s yellow ballgown, etc. I also like how the MagiClip dresses fit the other same-size Disney Princess toy figures. This means Sadako was able to use Rapunzel’s dresses for her Snow White, Belle, and other Rapunzel toy figures at home.

As expected, she is already excited about next weekend because she has this impression that we’re malling and that I’ll be buying her another MagiClip doll. She even knows which princess to get: Snow White. 


I’ve always been a fan of Oreo. Who isn’t a fan, right?

But unlike those who like to lick off the cream filling before eating the cookies, or those who dunk them in milk first, I like to eat my Oreo the normal way. In fact, I think what makes Oreo great is how the bitter cookies and sweet cream filling taste well together.

I am also a fan of the other flavors they released, from chocolate and strawberry to the more exciting ones like peanut butter and blueberry.

Oreo just released another new flavor, something pretty unexpected: Coconut Delight. And I love it! I am a big fan of the flavor. I love buko juice, buko shake, Almond Joy, and macaroons, and so it was also love at first bite for me when I tasted the new flavor of Oreo.

I know some people don’t like it but I am such a fan. There is just something about the taste of coconut infused in the sweet filling that fits the bitter cookies so well.

Interestingly, Sadako loves it, too, which is kinda surprising coz coconut isn’t really every kid’s favorite flavor. In fact, she held on to the whole pack and didn’t want to give me any. I guess I have to buy my own pack.