I am gone for most part of the day due to work. As much as I want to spend every single of the day with Sadako, I can’t. Well, for now.

Apart from our bonding time every weekend, we also bond every morning, thanks to my getting-ready-for-work routine.

Sadako usually wakes up before I do, and she usually just stays in bed, playing with her MagiClip Disney Princesses. Once she catches me awake, she greets me “Good morning, Plapla” (yes, she calls me Plapla) and gives me a good morning kiss and hug.

We instantly proceed to the kitchen where she watches me drink my apple cider vinegar water, brush my teeth, and wash my face. I then pretend to shoo her when she tries to follow me inside the comfort room when I take my bath.

Afterwards, she watches me slather on beauty products, the sequence of application which she knows by now.

When it’s time for me to dress up, she inserts herself in my top and I have to convince her to “undress” ASAP because I still need to fold the sleeves and I’m running out of time.

Sadako especially likes to help me wear my belt. There have been times when she would catch me in the middle of wearing it or already done with it, and she would demand for me to remove it so she can be the one to do it.

And then there is that kiss before I head out of the condo.

Little things, but they mean a lot considering I am out for most part of the day.

Sadako welcoming me home is for another post.


I know I am not alone when I say that I think Neil Perez is hot. He is tall, dark, and handsome – and sexy, let’s not forget that. And I like that he’s very Pinoy-looking. Very Richard Gomez (although I am not a fan of Richard Gomez).

No doubt he won Mister International. He’s perfect; he’s got that great background (he’s a policeman who just happens to be gorgeous and hot) matched with great looks (gorgeous and hot nga, di ba?).

I finally got to meet him last week when one of our artists had a shoot with him for a magazine. I got to spend a few hours with the poging pulis and got to know him a little, and I am glad that I still like him even after our first meeting; he is all that I expected him to be and more.

He is even hotter in person and up close, plus his regular guy aura makes him even more charming. He doesn’t have any star complex at all. He is warm and funny and sweet, cracking jokes but remains low-profile.

I hope to see him again and get to know him even more coz he seems to be a great guy. Yuck, I sound in love! Hahaha!

Syempre, I didn’t want him to feel that way so I told him that his competitor Mister Guam was my favorite! True yun ha.


We live in Quezon City and our idea of going out on weekends is going to the mall. We usually go to Robinsons Magnolia or SM North EDSA. In fact, we go there all the time we’ve gotten tired of it already. A couple of weeks ago we finally tried a new mall: Fisher Mall, which is actually the nearest mall to our condo.

I’m so happy we finally got to try it because they do have restaurants that we’ve never tried.

I think Sadako will also be asking for us to go there because of their Playland, which she enjoyed so much.

She enjoyed the rides and catching a basketball game that got her cheering every single time a team tried to shoot a ball, which was every 15 seconds or so.

It was also her first time to try bump cars. We were the only ones there but she didn’t mind.

But the highlight of her Playland experience was the carousel. She is a big fan of Disney Princesses and has these carriage toys for her dolls so she really likes pretending she’s one of them and riding this super small carriage in a mini-carousel in Robinsons Magnolia. Imagine her surprise when she saw this huge merry-go-round that had many horses and a big-ass carriage. She dragged her mom there and didn’t even want to leave after the first round.

After trying out other rides, Sadako asked to ride the carousel again. And because I didn’t have enough load in the card and didn’t want to reload it anymore coz I was being frugal, I asked her if she was okay riding it alone. Not a problem with her, actually. She didn’t need me or her mother; she just wanted to ride it again. I knew it was safe and she’d be okay but there was still this bittersweet feeling letting go. However, when I saw her in her little carriage, sitting properly and looking well-behaved, I instantly felt proud of how independent she looked.

Now that I look back, now that I look at her photos there all alone in the carriage, I get so emotional because although we parents would want to be with our kids forever, there will come a time when we need to let them go so they could grow on their own. The best thing we can do is prepare and equip them for that day. And that is exactly what I hope I have been doing ever since she was born.


I’ve always been a fan of actress Andrea Torres. In fact, when she was just a newcomer and I was still with One Mega Group, I asked my team to get her for a feature. As expected, the photos were stunning, and she was a joy to work with.

She is still a joy to work with, now that I am part of GMA Artist Center, the talent agency that co-manages her together with Rams David.

Andrea is featured in the website and I am very happy with the outcome, from the styling to the quality of the photos.

Andrea looks hot, noh? Duh.

Some people say she looks like Eva Mendes.

While some see Cindy Crawford in her in some of the photos.

Eva or Cindy? Kahit sino! Both women are gorgeous!

Thanks to the whole StyleMNL team again: Ed Lorenzo (producer), Andrew Apuya (photographer), Sari Campos (makeup), Jan Edrosolan (hair), and Mich Fernandez (styling). Don’t forget to check, everyone.


I am a big fan of contrast so I am digging the mixed pieces of F&F’s Girlswear 2015 spring/summer collection, and how they styled the girls for the collection.

For example, in this photo, I like the lace details of the denim shorts and how the hoodie is in baby pink, but I also love how they combined it with a denim jacket.

This layered look is lovely and romantic. I love the girly parts (the floral headband, the swing skirt, the pink hoodie) and how they are balanced with more casual pieces like the denim pants and the sandals.

This dress may be undeniably girly and princessy but the getup gets a dose of angas, thanks to the bandana, the leather jacket, and the socks-and-sandals combo. Galing!

Here’s another feminine-meets-fierce look. I love the predominantly white outfit made high fashion with the FLOWER detail, the black cap, the aviators. And ate’s ferosh emote.

I need to show these photos to Sadako so she can learn some new poses!

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